Monday, April 6, 2009

my body=public opinion piece *kind of putting it all out there*

I'm TIRED of people lecturing me about my body, ESPECIALLY when they have no clue about my eating habits or exercise habits. if people knew how triggering it was, idk. Maybe it wouldn't happen. But then they'd just be like, 'you starve yourself? I thought only skinny people did that. Good, starve yourself some more till you're skinny, then we'll worry.' I am SO TIRED OF THIS.

Person in question and I were having a conversation, just a regular good old conversation, and I probably slipped in something about weight bias. Since this is apparently on the same level as saying Jesus didn't exist, here came the lecture. 'You're body is a temple!' 'Gluttony is a sin, but believe me, I do it too!' 'Hold yourself to a higher standard!' I told this person I am not a walking cry for help, and to stop treating me like one.

Said person looked kind of stunned for a second. And said no, but went on to say that she's just worried about me, sees me at the coffeehouse and thinks pitying thoughts of me. I told her I don't need her pity. She went on another speil saying that I should think more about how I look and what I eat. She went on to say how bad she feels when she saw me drink 3 cokes in one hour, which I never did. Like, seriously, that's a freaking lot of coke in one sitting. Maybe, over the weekend?

I corrected her, kind of pissed off by now and wondering why I came to talk to her in the first place. The freaking worst part of this is I can't help but think I wouldn't be judged like this so freaking harshly if I weighed xxxxxxx less. Seriously. If I was a normal weighted person, who would give a flying flip? I'm apparently healthy, right?

According to the media. And those numerous studies paid for by diet companies. I hated the fact that she showered me with numerous 'it's because I care' comments, when I KNOW this friendship is fake and phony, and I KNOW she does not care. Ok, maybe she pities because of how unhealthy I look. But since when does she have the right? Seriously, since when?