Thursday, February 26, 2009

my own prejiduces

I was riding home in the car yesterday, and I noticed that I could feel my skin folding on my neck, which I sometimes feel, and sometimes don't. I looked in the car mirror and thought, oh no. I have a FAT NECK. I'm one of THOSE people, who have fat necks. After I lamented for a couple of minutes, two things occurred to me. One was that I'm trying to cut bad talk towards my body out of my vocabulary, and thought.

Criticizing my neck for simply being like it is would count as bad talking my body. The other was - those people? Who are 'those people'? And why does having a fat neck make them somehow less desirable as people? The reasons ran through my mind. Obviously they've eaten too much, been lazy. They're ugly. Wow.

None of these reasons were true. Some may have eaten too much. Some may have Cushing's syndrome. Some may simply have bodies that choose to accumulate fat around the neck. But they are people - people who get up every day and think thoughts, have ideas, dreams, heartbreaks, and hopes. I realized there's not really a reason to make judgements on people's character, based on a physical characteristic.

Also, I've heard the term Politically correct being thrown around a lot. It's used on both sides of the Fat debates, I think, because you can't divide this on partisan lines. I know republicans and I know democrats who have the same ideas I do. Here's an article on politcal correctness, however valid, by Wikipedia. Political correctness is always a bad thing. The 'right' idea is always politically incorrect. So, people on both sides of the argument claim to be politically incorrect. I think my side of the debate can't qualify for PC, because it's introducing this idea that's ridiculous to the american mind and dismissed as a crazy attempt to coddle lazy fat people who just need to pick themselves up by their bootstraps and lose that fat, and become members of the Perfect Race. However, the other side of the debate is pretty harsh as well, what with the prejiduce and discrimination against fat people. So, maybe they deserve the label. I don't know.

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  1. Being one of those with a "slower" metabolism...and I do know I need to lose some weight for health reasons...I often think that if there were a famine, we would be the most desirable mates. While our counterparts with fast metabolisms would starve for lack of food, those of us with slow metabolisms would have a better chance of survival in famines and times of want because our dear bodies very carefully conserve each calory and lovingly store them for future use. That said, we seem to live in a time of plenty where our dear bodies don't need to store so much. I guess I must resign myself to eating less and exercising for my own health. :)