Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Meme Roth never ceases to amaze me with her fear mongering and intimidation, as well as overexaggerating the obesity crisis. You can usually tell a person isn't entirely credible in their argument when they start talking in the middle of someone else's sentence just so what is true isn't heard.


Two men in Mississippi trying to pass a bill that would make it so that me, and anyone else who is obese can not eat in restaurants. Well, of course, it didn't pass, but wow. Seriously? You're fat, so you don't deserve to eat here.

I agree with one of Meme Roth's points - junk food for kids isn't the way to go. I don't think they should grow up with a fear of processed food (though it wouldn't be horrible if they avoided it) but they should grow up having healthy options and not have junk food marketed to them. Sure. I just think she's wrong about everything else. I don't think the obesity crisis is about the size of your waistline. I think it's about health habits. Being sedentary. Which happens a lot, in both skinny and fat people. Eating junk food also *shocker* happens A LOT in skinny and fat people alike.

I'm tired of fat people just ordering salads, as if we, because of our excess weight, whether we put it on ourselves or not, do not deserve to eat anything with actual caloric value, lest we get fatter.

There's so much ignorance about why people are fat. All people want to fix is the waistline - not the problem behind it.

It's pretty common that if a girl is sexually abused, she'll purposely put on weight and stop taking after her hygiene to become sexually unattractive, so that she doesn't get attacked.

Antidepressants commonly put on weight.

Thyroids do.

Genetics play a huge role.

It's not fair to blame every fat person for not having a body shaped the way someone else's is. Don't cast moral judgement on them, calling them a glutton. Losing weight in itself is a hard process, something a lot of people don't know. Maybe, just maybe, they have more important things to spend their time on than their waistline.

This country - and all western society -- is entirely too obsessed with what our bodies look like. We cannot take them with us, after death. They are but a vapor, only temporary. How much energy are we going to spend?

Oh, and Meme Roth, I'm not in denial. I know that I am fat. My BMI is Morbidly Obese. Morbid. Yeah so I'm fat. I'm a person, as well, though, not just a number on an antiquated scale. And I'm not obsessed with making my body look the same as yours. I've got living to do. I'm hardly the only one.


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