Wednesday, February 25, 2009

findings of late

Haven't updated in a while, sorry about that. I was tired and busy in New Orleans. Although I did find this and, of course, it really got me going because I was like YES! IT FINALLY MADE SENSE. Someone else is on my wavelengths. The scientific community is, actually.

I was on the airplane today, and needed a seat belt extender to fit into my seat. I asked the flight attendant for one, and you could tell the situation made her feel awkward. Still, she wasn't mean. She just walked off, and after the other flight attendant asked me to buckle my seatbelt, I asked her for an extender and she looked exasperated, as if I was asking if I could bring my cat who is hooked up to an oxygen mask on board, and said 'right after I'm done with this demonstration, ok?' I kind of laughed.

Also, as I was going through security my arm accidentally touched the frame and the security guard, who had probably been at this for hours, got exasperated. 'I don't care if you have to go through this sideways: just get through it." I didn't feel like saying, 'excuse me?' so I just got through it and walked on.

Also, I found this and this -two videos on weight bias at home, in school, and in the medical setting, put out by Yale University- it was quite enlightening. It's interesting, the controversy this newfound attitude of mine has caused. Like I'm encouraging people to be fat. And how radical the idea is that dieting is bad for you.

I was reading a blog post about Velvet, a plus-sized model/dancer, by Joy Nash, one of my favorite people in the world. And I stumbled across this interview. In the interview, Velvet said this: "While I have often answered this question, I am admittedly perturbed by it. By virtue of being plus size I am thusly expected to tout my health, yet my smaller counterparts, be it in contemporary dance, or film, or in fashion, are never asked the state of their health.

I do not drink alcohol and I never have, I do not take drugs and I never have, I do not smoke and I never have, yet many of these same counterparts do one, or a combination of all of the above, and yet merely by virtue of weighing less then I, are completely excluded from this patronizing question."'

Ditto. But is merely an example of the attitude held today, that if you are fat, you are automatically unhealthy, lazy, etc, and if you aren't, you are automatically healthy.

That's all for now. This post is a little scatterbrained but there is more to come.

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